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5 Best Travel Podcasts for 2020

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Today is International Podcast day.

I love me some podcasts, especially travel podcasts.  I use them to inspire my #wonderlust.  At an any given time I have 60 or so pods in my feed–not that I have time to listen to them all–but, I know they’re there for when I need them.  It’s kind of like comfort food for my ears.  I thought it would be fun to share with you my top travel podcasts for 2020.

#1 Best Travel Podcast for 2020:  Let’s Go Together

best travel podcasts of 2020Travel + Leisure’s podcast, Let’s Go Together, celebrates diversity in travel. One of the biggest reasons I like it.  It started this past June in response to the BLM movement and wanting to increase diverse voices in travel.  The website describes the pod like this, “The episodes have featured guests including a quadriplegic who climbed Machu Picchu, the first documented Black woman to travel every country in the world, a gay couple who gave up city living for a life of exploring national parks in a 26-foot RV, and many more. The host, Kellee Edwards, is inspiring herself, as an award-winning travel expert, licensed pilot, scuba diver, television host, and adventurer who has visited more than 50 countries.”


# 2:  Travel With Rick Steves

5 best travel podcasts 2020

Described as the Godfather of Travel, Rick Steves is an American travel writer, author, and television personality.  He has extensively covered worldwide travel, often encouraging devotees to explore less touristy destinations and sights in order to experience a country’s true culture. In this weekly podcast, Rick chats with guest experts and callers about culture, people, and all things travel.

Every episode of Rick’s podcast could be listed as a Best Travel Podcast of 2020!  😉




# 3:  Dirtbag Diaries

5 best travel podcasts 2020 No one would ever confuse this Walt Disney World FAN-atic with someone who is going to backpack.  However, it is all the rage for travel in 2020 as it is easy to remain socially distanced in the middle of a National Park.   The Dirtbag Diaries makes for a good listen–even for someone like me.   “It has stories from the trails, roads, rivers and other wild places.”





# 4:  Airplane Mode by Away 

top 5 travel podcasts for 2020“Away started out as a luggage company but is quickly becoming much more. Their carry-on has basically been the “it” suitcase for the last year.  It is my dream suitcase.  Away has recently ventured into other areas of the travel world, including an online magazine called Here and now, a podcast called Airplane Mode. Hosted by Will Warren, Airplane Mode’s episodes focus on certain themes like wellness or business travel and include interviews with people from different industries who are passionate about travel.”


# 5:  Very Amusing by Carlye Wisel

#1 podcast travel podcast for 2020If I were only ranking Disney podcasts this would be the #1 Travel Podcast for 2020.  Suffice it to say, I want to be Carlye Wisel when I grow up.  She is livin’ the dream as a writer about all things theme park.  Including and especially the best food secrets, cast member stories and all the things you never knew you didn’t know that happen in the “underground” city at the Magic Kingdom.  Yes, that hotline below–it works!  Call it and see.

“Your one-stop shop for the stories, secrets and shenanigans of a popcorn-fueled theme park journalist. Call us at 747-CHURROS (747-248-7767) and we might play your question, observation or hot take in a future episode!

Plus a BONUS Travel Podcast for 2020… I couldn’t not include a travel foodie pod?  As if…

BONUS:  The Nosh Show

best junk food podcast of 2020It’s the holy grail of podcasts!  A podcast about junk food.  This is  calling my name. And, just for the record, new Oreo flavors?  I’m 100% all in.

They describe themselves as, “The Nosh Show is a discussion about the latest in junk food and fast food. We talk about products like new Oreo flavors before they hit shelves, Taco Bell test items, and much more. It’s hosted by four bloggers who have reviewed thousands of products from store shelves and fast food menus.”


Top Travel Podcasts for 2020 have really inspired some of my own travel dreams.  It’s not to early for you to start plannin’  your next Makin’ Memories Trip.  You can dream along with your favorite pod, let us help you plan, keep dreamin’ and travel when you’re ready in 2021.  We’re here when you’re ready!

You can find more my continuing updates of podcasts, as well as those of the entire MMT team by following along on Facebook.  Join us there! 


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