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If you’ve been here for more than a minute you know I’m passionate, really passionate about friends, family, food and travel. I get chills when I think of combining them all together in a group trip. Fun fact! Mr. Michele Vists Mickey and I even traveled with other family on our honeymoon. My motto is always the more the merrier.  

AND, not only are group trips just more fun because we get access to behind the scenes opportunities you can’t get when you travel by yourself but they’re less expensive too. We use the size of the group to negotiate for better rates, add-ons like pre-paid gratuities and special included excursions. Come one, come all on these upcoming group trip opportunities where I’m going to be the leader of the band. 😋

Upcoming trips

History’s most moving chapters come to life while sailing on the Danube River.. An Avalon Jewish Heritage cruise highlights some of Central Europe’s most cultural and historical sites that pay tribute to the past while celebrating a lasting culture and rich faith for the future.

In 8 days this August we’ll cruise from Budapest to Germany with stops in Slovakia and Austria along the way. Come early or stay late to see Prague from an insider’s point of view and the famous Sound of Music Tour in Salzburg. Along the way we’ll walk in the steps of our Jewish ancestors just as they did learning about the height of European Judaism and its current recovery from the trauma of the Holocaust.  

Jewish Heritage River Cruise

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Imagine the sun rising over the castle at the Magic Kingdom as you run through it, feeling like you own it.   As you join the spirited crowd of fellow runners, you feel an electric energy building within you. The sound of your footsteps echoes alongside the cheers from enthusiastic spectators & cast members lining the route. With each stride, you push past your limits, motivated by the exhilarating atmosphere and the knowledge that you're part of something extraordinary.

As you cross the finish line, a surge of triumph engulfs you, knowing that you've not only completed a race but also etched unforgettable memories into your journey.But the adventure doesn't end there. Throughout the weekend, you immerse yourself in a world of Disney magic, where iconic characters cheer you on, photo opportunities abound, and exclusive merchandise becomes treasured keepsakes. From post-race celebrations to indulgent meals, you revel in the well-deserved rewards that await you at every turn.  

run like royalty

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2023 is a big milestone birthday for me. I can’t let 55 go by without a once in a lifetime trip to celebrate. Especially a place where I need good knees to visit. I’m headin’ to the Antartic this December and hopin’ you’ll join me on an expedition cruise of a lifetime.  

More details to be released soon.  

Come See the Penguins

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If you think the Jewish Heritage Cruise this summer is something–just wait until you hear the details of our summer 2024 group trip. Click the link below to be one of the first who gets the details.  

Information on all these group experiences and more insider travel tips are available in our Facebook Group.

Jewish Morocco

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