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The Great State of Texas


Cheers. Welcome to my little corner of the
inter-web. You might know me as an only child, bonus Mom to two fabulous humans, and a soft-core Starbucks addict.  

Michele here! the og of makin' memories travel. 


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Watch out! I'm the OG of Makin' Memories Travel. We sell some fo the most amazing experiences you could ever imagine. We love what we do so much, we talk about it literally all the time so here is the blog.


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5 Tips to visit Israel

Are you ready to plan for, “Next Year in Jerusalem?” Here are five essential travel tips for Israel to make your journey smooth and memorable during the time of year when every major religion has a major holiday. 1. Maybe don’t go? Especially for a first-time visitor to Israel. What you say?   Don’t go to […]

#DisneyTips You Don't Want to Miss.

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Find all the  hidden gems that make an adult trip to Walt Disney World the best Disney vacation ever.